In the 77th minute on the edge of the field flew the firecracker exploded under the feet of the player it stretches malmö Tobias Sana'a. The away player in a fit of righteous anger ripped out of the ground the corner flag and threw it at the offenders like a spear.

Then in the stands, riots broke out and the referee Eriksson had to interrupt the match with the score 0:0. When the teams left the pitch, the field ran the hockey team Norway, mats Rosselli Olsen. Before he was caught by the guards, Olssen managed to run on the green lawn and even score the ball into the empty net. After the incident, the famous hockey player apologized for his behavior, but did not explain what it was. Version of the Swedish edition, he did it on a dare.

Mats Rosselli Olsen stands in Sweden for the club "Frølund and was included in the squad of the national team of Norway for the may world championship-2016. For his actions at the football stadium, the hockey player fined 7.5 thousand euros.