For "Ventspils" it was the ninth final in history, while the club "Riga" so the opportunity presented itself for the first time. And in addition to the trophy, the bulls were able even then to make his debut in the Eurocup this summer.

The first half the accompaniment of drizzling rain turned ugly. A lot of struggle and a few interesting decisions.

The second compensated for the waiting fans. The players of "Riga" almost immediately created two chances and both times at the height of the literal and figurative senses was the goalkeeper of "yellow-blue" Andrey Pavlov.

"Ventspils" responded immediately and efficiently: Nigerian midfielder Tosin, Aygun shot into the far bottom corner — 1:0. It took another eight minutes and the main driven force of Valery Sabala level the scores.

The game was like on the swings, the moments were and those and others. At the end of normal time calmed down a bit and the game went into an extra half hour. The outcome of the first 15-minute "Riga" managed to counter-attack started by captain Caspar Gorkem, continued by the Russian Appaev and completed by Eric Puntos— 1:2.

Had to play a quarter of an hour, "Ventspils" has rushed to recoup and induce panic in the penalty area by their standards. But scored the game in the 114th minute when Rogaev found in the penalty area Artem Vaskov, he shot the ball hit the leg of the player "Riga" toll on the curtain track fell nicely at the far nine— 2:2!

It was the turn series of 11-meter, which began to break the players, "Ventspils", and immediately Tidenberg sent the ball into the sky... Followed by "Riga" Sabala shot accurately, Tosin is also not wrong, and then Pavlov dragged udar of Vitaliy Smirnov.

Then the teams twice beat without a miss, but on the fifth impact blundered Alexey Alexeev. He sent the ball roughly the same route as opening a series of Tidenberg. Forget it now Khizir APPA and Riga Cup were europtima, but Pavlov guessed the direction of impact and pulled.

Now the series was up to the first error. Two strike teams performed exactly, then "Ventspils" was scored by Kolesov, "Riga" blundered Anthony Blackface. Although both blundered... is Andrey Pavlov played just fine, becoming a hero of the series, and maybe the whole match!

"Ventspils" won its seventh trophy (according to this indicator, just ahead of "Skonto" — 8 wins), which will be a good gift in the season when the club celebrates 20-year anniversary. This victory became the first English specialist Floor Ashworth working for a long time in Latvia, but big wins somehow still avoided.

Well, it remains to recall that at the same time the people gave of FC "Liepaja/Direct" ticket to the European cups. Now the alive have to think how to thank the neighbors in Kurzeme. And "Riga" we wish not to despair and continue in the same spirit as they passed the first round of the championship. Then will come a great victory, Mr. Ashworth now knows it!

The Latvian Cup-2017. The final:

"Riga" — "Ventspils" 2:2 (0:0, 1:1, 1:0, 0:1), 5:6-p. p.

"Riga": V. Kurakin, Gorkss, Smirnov, V. Timofeev, A. Kurakin, Mihelich (APPA, 46), ENIN, A. Lizana, Kovalev (Blackface, 111), Puntos, Sabala.

"Ventspils": Pavlov, Emelin, Kolesov, Zhulev, Vaskov, Rechitsa, Rugins (Alekseev, 84), Paulus (Rogaev, 104), Tidenberg, Adeleke (Carlson, 69), Tosin.

17 may. Riga. "Skonto". 2 256 viewers.