Recall that the motor in the bike Femke van Den Drishe was found in the youth world Cup 2016 cyclocross, which in late January was held in the Belgian Zolder.

Belgian athlete denied his guilt, saying that he did not know about the presence of the motor in the bike. According to her, she just made a mistake, having to start the race the bike from a friend, who was very much like her own. But these arguments in UCI did not heed.

The period of Ineligibility 19-year-old Drese will run from 11 October, 2015 and all her results since that date are cancelled. Racer is also required to return all medals and prize money in addition, pay in cash to the UCI a fine of 20 thousand Swiss francs (about 18 thousand euros) and to cover all expenses spent by the organization on the investigation of the case. Punished, the athlete has announced the completion of a career.

This is the first proven case of the use of "technical doping" at such major competitions, although the relevant test bikes with the help of thermal imaging cameras, x-ray, ultrasound and magnetic resonance there arrange regularly.