Latvia now has to face new challenges, so we need to be much more ready for how can develop society and the situation in different regions, he said.

"The critical need to educate society and to find a way to improve work performed by the state. This is necessary not to "step on rakes" fake news, and to be objective, and that the media were able to objectively explain what is happening in Latvia and abroad", — said Vejonis.

The President noted that the sphere of "Hard security" over the past six months in Latvia much has been done, particularly on defense allocated 2% of gross domestic product. The readiness of Latvia to defend their country is at the highest level over the past decade.

"Active hostilities is unlikely, however, you have much more to think about "Soft security", which is a set of tools to influence the minds of people. Any society has to be more Mature in the ability to detect fake news, for this we need to continue to learn and educate," said he.