As he said the transmission channel show "900 seconds", the Commission's proposal on the scientific study of the archives of the former KGB to publish the contents of the so-called bags of KGB received. The letter is considered, and the Commission will be answered.

Vejonis considers that the Commission should apply to the Seimas that can adopt a relevant law.

In his view, society should know its history, including the not very flattering of the page. But in order and formed the Commission that evaluates the relationship mentioned in the lists of people with the KGB and give your rating.

Available in Latvia, materials of the archives of the KGB fragmented, it is therefore important that the Commission explained what the act of each individual against the state and society, the President said. It is necessary to explain the historical facts, showing how these people appeared in the lists of KGB agents. The situation was very different, and not all registered in the lists, cooperated with the KGB, said the President.

In the lists of KGB very little or no current politicians, because otherwise they would not be able to apply for posts of deputies and Ministers, he added.

The Commission for the scientific study of the archives of the KGB appealed to the President to revoke the special law on the KGB to make public the contents of "bags of KGB".