"In this championship you have tight matches. But I am confident in your abilities and willingness to defend the honor of the name "Latvia", having pleased fans with a smart and selfless goals a game," said Vejonis.

The President of Latvia noted that for the past 20 years one of the most coveted events of spring is the ice hockey world championship, watch it not only to avid sports fans, but also those who are sport in ordinary days. This event, spoken about in the family circle, with each other and with colleagues at work, said Vejonis, adding that together with the Latvian fans will follow the events at the world Championships.

"I wish you determination, luck, and cohesive team play! Let you will succeed!", — said Vejonis hockey players, wishing the coaches and staff strength to withstand emotional tension and be able to cheer the players.

Hockey team of Latvia at the meeting gave the President of the hockey sweater and fan scarf, noting that support is very important for the team.

The ice hockey world championship will be held from 6 to 22 may. Team Latvia in the group stage conducts all the matches in Moscow. The first game will be may 6 against Sweden.