"26 years ago today, we restored the independence of our country. May 4, 1990 we considered the stress of the voice and watched the deciding vote in the Supreme Council, where deputies elected us decide our fate. Important was each voice. They were the voices for a better life, for freedom, for security and the rule of law. They were the voices for Latvia and our common future", - quotes the head of the state Agency LETA.

He noted that on may 4 intertwined history of the Latvian state and its people, present and future. "We can be proud of themselves. We twice in the last century were able to defend their own state, and our people proved to the world that possesses the superhuman ability of survival," said Vejonis.

The President noted that the state independence of Latvia was able to recover in a time of great change, when there were many unknowns. Nevertheless, the people managed to make a bold and right choice to strengthen the newborn state. The way of Latvia to NATO and the European Union is a good example of that important goals can be achieved with heavy, persistent and well-coordinated work.

"After 26 years since the restoration of independence of the country we are constantly on ways to improve their state. We are still on the way to our perfect Latvia. Much still requires improvement. However, I want to emphasize that we have accomplished a lot. Thanks to everyone who put their efforts in order to strengthen our country and our values", stressed the President.