"We are a European country, but there also remains much to do. To become an active part of Europe, we in the next ten years to transform from a recipient to donor. Fearful of the newcomers in the European Union in its far-sighted creators," said Vejonis.

"Realizing themselves, we will continue to create Europe as an open and diverse as a model of democracy for the rest of the world", - said the President.

He reminded that next year is the only festive, but also a year of elections to the Sejm. "In the fall everyone will have to decide whom to trust with the right to represent our society and obligation to lead our state forward," urged Vejonis.

"The Constitution says that power belongs to the people. I want to urge that it is not just the letter of the law. Be prepared to act! Follow public Affairs, defend their interests, discuss, talk. Think for yourself and involve your loved ones. Use every opportunity provided by the Constitution! We know the price of its independence. The world is filled with places where people are willing to give all to their country. We already have it. We have reason not only for holidays but also for responsibility. And that's the best reason not to stay aside," - said the President.

"Here at the Freedom monument and at the screens I urge you: do not stand aside!", - said Vejonis.