Earlier, the oppositionist Alexey Navalny published in his blog an excerpt of the report of the American border service, which recorded the departure of Lesina from the US after 40 days after his death in December of 2015. How to explain it, Navalny doesn't know.

Valentine Lesina to discuss this information was also refused, stating that he considered it below their dignity to comment on "all sorts of innuendo" and thinks it unworthy of the memory of her husband.

Note that the source of RBC, close to the family Lesina, earlier it was told that a passport with an American visa is kept by his wife in Los Angeles.

Navalny on Saturday stressed that his Fund of struggle against corruption followed Lisinym, and immediately after his death the record of the December border crossing in the database was not.

"Error in database I exclude the Last record was not there. Now it is. Double it was. Ghost. Live Lesin. Clone Lesina. Undercover brother Lesina. Maybe the U.S. border is a secret door into hell and on the fortieth day the soul must go through it, having a passport. I don't know", — said the politician.

Lesina body was found November 5, 2015 The Dupont Circle hotel in Washington under mysterious circumstances, which gave rise to many different theories about a possible conspiracy against him. In early reports of the death of Lesina as the cause of death indicated a heart attack.

According to one version, Lesin could come to Washington to make a deal with the US authorities. This week — five months after death — the medical examiner's office in Washington reported that her reasons were stupid injury of the head and on the body of the former Minister were numerous injuries.