We will remind that following the results of the short program Vasilyev with the national record (78,78) took the third place, having conceded just two Russians Dmitry Aliyev (80,74) and Alexander Samarin (80,31).

However, an arbitrary speech brought Vasilyev only 125,97 points (personal record Denis — 149,09) and today it was only 9-th result. However, even if he jumped just above the head or skated approximately at the same level, to rise by the amount of programs above sixth place still failed — was too strong competitors. In General, in Debrecen Vassiliev finished eighth.

Not flashed today and the Russians, too, left without medals: Samarin took 4th place, Aliyev — 6-E. A world champion among juniors became an Israelite Daniel Samohin, who appeared to be head and shoulders above it in any rental.

Figure skating. The 2016 world Cup. Debrecen (March 17). Juniors. The final result:

1. Daniel Samohin (ISR) — 236,65
2. The Nadia Nicholas (Canada) — 224,76
3. Tomoki Hiwatashi (USA) — 222,52...
8. Denis Vasiliev (Latvia) — 204,75...