According to Vaidere, published Ushakov social media cartoon makes it clear that Latvia is to blame for the occupation and subsequent illegal actions, and damages in the amount of 185 billion euros wants to recover from Russia.

According to Vaidere, Ushakov should be prosecuted for denial and justification of genocide against the Latvian Republic. She believes that in this case the mayor has directly violated the law.

She also noted that the funds spent on the work of the Commission on the calculation of damages from the Soviet occupation, were small. "When was calculated the damage caused by Nazi Germany, Russia and other States spent their time and demanded to cover the losses", — the Deputy reminded.

Last week Ushakov published in social networks a caricature of a cyclist, who himself broke a wheel, but requires compensation in the amount of 185 billion euros from Russia. This amount, called the Commission on the calculation of the damage inflicted by the Soviet occupation of Latvia.

According to Ushakov, he did not consider it proper to seek in history the roots of the current problems, but also to spend money on the damages from the events of the past instead of investing them in the 'here and now' tasks, for example, in medicine or education.