In Zimbabwe's capital Harare on the night of Wednesday, November 15, troops entered, the city thundered three powerful explosions. Shooting was heard near the residence of President Robert Mugabe. According to eyewitnesses, the military seized the television station. Made an appeal to the people, major-General Sibusiso Moyo said that the military at the time, adopt controls in the country. He denied reports about the coup, stating that the President is alive and safe. According to him, the military intend to overcome the growing political, social and economic crisis, and then transfer power to a civilian government.

13 Nov after was sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Zimbabwean commander of Constantine Chiwenga subjected to the government of Mugabe criticized and threatened by army intervention. In response, the ruling party accused Chiwenga in "treacherous behavior".

93-year old Mugabe has ruled the country since 1980.

Amid reports about the possibility of military coup the U.S. announced that the American Embassy in Zimbabwe will remain closed on 15 November. Washington and London urged to caution their citizens and subjects who are in the country, advising them not to leave the house.