In July, when the aircraft carrier was in port the Scottish city Invergordon, an Amateur photographer from the group, Black Isle Images sent his DJI Phantom quadcopter to the ship to take some pictures, but due to strong winds was forced to put the aircraft aboard a vessel. "Actually, I didn't want to put it, but the wind was so strong that it seemed to me that he can't come back, so I ignored the warning," he said.

According to the newspaper The Daily Mail, according to the photographer, who asked to remain anonymous, he was surprised by the ease with which the UAV could land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, and the fact that "no one tried to prevent the landing". Realizing that he broke the rules, the photographer came to the port to talk about the incident.

However to speak, he managed only with the police, who informed him "that the aircraft carrier was empty, as all were having lunch on the banks".

Now the representative of UK Ministry of defense says that police Scotland is aware of the incident. "We take very seriously the protection of HMS Queen Elizabeth. About the incident reported to the police Scotland investigation. In light of this, we have strengthened our security measures," - said the representative of the Ministry.

HMS Queen Elizabeth with a displacement of 65 thousand tons and a length of 280 meters - the first of a series of aircraft carriers in its class. Soon it will join the aircraft carrier Prince of Wales, the construction of which is nearing completion at the shipyard in Fife. As expected, the ship Queen Elizabeth will be commissioned by the end of this year.