Valmiera can be safely regarded as the Latvian centre for BMX. In the city increased by a Latvian high-level riders, including double Olympic champion Maris Strombergs.

The last time such competitions were held in Latvia in 2013. However, then the champion was determined on the basis of several stages. The ninth and tenth stages at that time were in Riga. Strombergs, twice finished second, but this did not prevent him to win the overall and become the champion of Europe.

Starting with the 2014 prize-winners of the Championships are determined on some individual competitions, and in parallel in several stages of the European Cup.

Next year the European Championships of BMX will be held in Glasgow, and this year it was held in Bordeaux. Strombergs finished the fight at the 1/4 final stage, and the other Latvian racer EDIUS Treimanis participated in the final, where they placed fifth.