"Hear our voice — we don't eavesdrop!", "I can't help someone else's personal life, but concerned that people are intimidated by my reaction!" — with such posters, the participants of the procession marched through the main Avenue of Tbilisi to the building of the government Chancellery.

"We don't need dirty politics. We grew up with. We are a democratic country. More unacceptable for us the struggle through the KGB!" said shares of one of the activists of the women's movement Baia Pataraia, who was holding a banner reading: "Get out of my bedroom!"

The action followed the appearance last week on the Internet video with intimate scenes of his personal life of one of the opposition politicians.

The video was soon blocked, however, on the third day in the Internet appeared another video with the new threats of the proliferation of scandalous video with a number of politicians from both the ruling coalition and from the opposition, and one prominent journalist.

The country's Prime Minister Georgy Kvirikashvili said that the attackers "are trying to blackmail the Georgian society", and promised to find those responsible.

In the case of the illegal video charged two men — they both deny guilt.