"Rusfond" demanded to collect from relatives of the artist 21.6 million rubles, and the court decided to call the woman on the process for questioning. A lawyer representing the interests of the civil husband of the singer, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that the inspection found the funds to show in three Deposit accounts in ROSBANK - ruble, dollar and Euro.

"The money which were on current and Deposit accounts, were used for the treatment of the singer. At the same time, cash on accounts in dollars and euros were not used. However, two weeks before the death of Jeanne Friske unspent charitable aid were cashed by proxy mother, the singer Olga Vladimirovna Friske", - said the lawyer.

It follows from the decision of the Ministry of internal Affairs about refusal in excitation of criminal case which is required to have a "Rusfond" on the fact of theft of funds by unidentified persons.

"ROSBANK", in which the court had previously requested information about the movement of funds on accounts of Zhanna Friske gave the same information. "Thus, there are reasonable grounds to believe that currently, the unspent part of charitable aid is in the possession of Olga Friske", - said the representative of Shepeleva.

The lawyer petitioned for a call in court of the mother of the singer, to which there are two questions: where is the unspent portion of charity care and whether they wish to return the money to the "Rusfond". "Our court session may end if funds are returned by Olga Vladimirovna", - said the lawyer.

According to TASS, the court granted the petition of the lawyer Shepelev, who is the legal representative of his son, Plato. The next court hearing scheduled for 19 may at 11 a.m. Moscow time.

When the news of the serious illness of the artist, the First channel in January 2014 organized a collection of donations for her treatment. Between the Rusfond and Jeanne Friske in October 2014 was concluded a contract in which a charity has transferred to the account of the singer more than 25 million rubles donated by the viewers.

After more than six months from the date of death of the singer, who died in Moscow on 15 June 2015 from brain cancer, "Rusfond" found that a large part of the money - 20 831 890 rubles from the account of the actress disappeared.

Inheritance of the singer, including her personal Bank account, claimed the father of singer Vladimir Friske, mother Olga Kopylova (Friske) and infant son Platon, which represents the interests of the civil husband of the artist Dmitry Shepelev.

They asked to the court "Rusfond", because native singer refused after her death to provide proof of the donations to pay for medical services.

In the "Rusfond", said that the treatment was spent only part of the total collected amounts to 25 million rubles - the report was received only on the expenditure of 4.12 million. The family of the singer does not recognize the claim, but lawyers for the relatives have not yet told the court about the fate of the greater part of the money.