The rating analysts of the Economist Intelligence Unit assess the severity of risk on a 25-point scale.

Tops this list of threats the decline in China's economy (20 points), followed by Russia's military intervention in Ukraine and Syria that could lead to a new cold war (16 points). A British exit from the EU and an armed clash in the South China sea, analysts are of the order less a threat than trump's arrival to power. A possible trump presidency the authors assigned 12 points. In the same amount of points they appreciated the growing threat from jihadists destabilizing the world economy.

Top 10 global threats version the Economist Intelligence Unit

  1. The slowdown of the Chinese economy
  2. Russia's intervention in Ukraine and in Syria is leading to new cold war
  3. The corporate debt crisis in emerging markets caused currency instability
  4. The collapse of the European Union under the influence of external and internal factors
  5. A Greek exit from the Eurozone with the subsequent collapse of the Eurozone
  6. Donald trump won the presidential election in the United States
  7. The growing threat of Islamic extremism is destabilizing the world economy
  8. UK votes for an exit from the EU
  9. The expansionism of China is provoking armed clashes in the South China sea
  10. Termination of investment in the oil industry leads to the collapse of oil prices