Writes Deutsche Welle, according to witnesses, an armed man broke into the building and made five or six shots. While he was screaming that he avenges his brother. At the time of the incident in the room were from 70 to a hundred people, there was panic. Three others were injured, two of them - aged 20 and 25 years - are in serious condition. Arrived at the emergency doctors did to them resuscitation, then was sent to the hospital. A third teenager with minor injuries was also taken to a medical facility.

Attempted murder

The motives of the perpetrator are established. The police provisionally qualifies the incident as attempted murder. Bring in the gunman has not yet succeeded.

The scene cordoned off, police have started an investigation and carried out a search involving police dogs. What event took place at the time of the incident in the house of trade unions is not specified.

This spring in the Swedish capital was a terrorist attack. On Friday, April 7, drove a truck into a crowd of people, then crashed into a shop window and caught fire. In the incident were injured 15 bystanders. Police confirmed the death of four people, three of them died at the scene and one later in hospital.