Many social network users outraged by the mounting clip and sound over music. "Scenario, installation is a pain. But even sadder — music," said one of them.

"Students will do better. But that's just the bottom guys. The country has so many talents, and it's on the way out. Tin. Pain and darkness. For power it is insulting" — he upset the other.

Some have remarked that it is shown in the promovideo Kiev is very different from the present. "I thought one that I am in some other Kiev live? "Safe public transport"? Hmm," asked a user with the nickname Multfilm Gagern.

"You are divorced from reality! Why form the guests expectations, which will break about the cabs filtravimo in airports, taxis, trams and even city train? How do we get ready?" asked another.

The semi-finals of "Eurovision-2017" to be held in Ukraine on may 9 and may 11, the final on 13 may. The country won the right to host the international competition after winning in 2016, singer Jamala, who performed the song "1944".