"03:43 GMT the aircraft crashed while approaching the city of Rostov-on-don. Discusses several versions of it and bad weather conditions, and possible error of pilots", — said on the air channel "Russia 24" the adviser to the Minister of transport Jeanne Terekhov.

The aircraft of the airline FlyDubai fell in 253 metres from the runway when landing from the city of Aksai, told reporters on Saturday at the airport of Rostov region Governor Vasily Golubev. "Apparently, the cause of the crash became strong gusts of winds reaching hurricane force," — said the head of the region.

Severe weather conditions should not have come as a surprise to controllers and pilots: on the website of the regional Directorate of the MES of March 18 was published a storm warning.

The Website Flightradar24 reports, after the first attempt of the Boeing FlyDubai to land at the airport of Rostov tried three times to land the flight of "Aeroflot", but the plane has gone to another site in Krasnodar.

Experts have already said that in this wind it was impossible to sit down. As reports "Interfax", this was told by a leading specialist Center weather "Phobos" Eugene Tishkovets. "The top priority — of course, the wind. Side winds exceeding 17 metres per second to embark in any format is strictly prohibited", — he told on air of TV channel "Russia 24" (VGTRK).

But among the versions of the crash and is considered a technical fault, said the source Agency in law enforcement. The pilots tried to land the ship at 1:35, but for some reason are unable to do so. "After that, the plane two hours circling over the city, producing fuel, and about 3:30 tried to land. It ended in disaster," — said the Agency interlocutor.

In this regard, he noted, as an additional version of the tragedy is considered a technical failure.

In the Internet appeared the video of the moment of disaster.