Members of the Department of housing and environment of Riga city Council supported the project of an educational centre in the Riga zoo. Most of the funds will be drawn from the Fund cohesie.

The centre will be built by 2021. Total project costs are estimated at 1.55 million euros. Fund cohesie planned to take 1 036 450 euros, the municipality will provide funding in the amount of 480 EUR 225, and the zoo could invest 33 325 euros.

It is planned that the centre will be located in the middle of the zoo — on the spot where in 1920 was built the enclosure for the monkeys, which now is not used (does not meet modern requirements). The new building will be multifunctional walls will be partially transformed, he can provide various activities. It is envisaged that the construction of one part of the building will be with constant parameters (here will be the zoo staff, technical and sanitary premises), other mobile (four classrooms and an exhibition hall).

In the Duma explained that the educational programs offered by the Zoo, now very much in demand, and the current classrooms are unable to meet all interested people. In addition, classes are not accessible to people with special needs because are in the basement.

The project on creation in the zoo education center will be considered in other committees of the Duma, the final decision will be made by Riga city Council.