Development Director of "Riga universal terminal" Atis Schulte says that the landing of the ship is the largest ship of this type, handled in the port of Riga and port of Riga companies this has become a big challenge. It is not only a large amount of work, but with a number of special requirements that need to be taken into account in the processing of such goods.

"There are requirements related to the safety of goods loading operations to take place in accordance with known standards," said A. Schulte.

Transshipment of military cargo is not new to the Riga port, and the ship, served by the "Riga universal terminal" last week was the sixth. The port of Riga for several years has established itself as a reliable partner for the shipment of goods of NATO. "The port of Riga has proved that it can provide security of high level, win the trust of allies. This kind of work will become greater, and this is good news for the port of entrepreneurs", — said the parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of defence Viesturs silenieks.