As noted in RUP, on July 4 at the remote duty reported that from the territory of one of the companies stole the bike. A thief armed with wire cutters, noticed one of the workers, who parked his car in the Parking lot.

The woman noticed that the man trying to steal a bike, but he said that he just lost the keys to the castle, so he had to resort to pliers.

However, these words are not very convinced alert the employee who photographed the man who warned about the incident the rightful owner of the bike, and then reported to the police.

The police began a criminal trial in which 10 Jul managed to arrest the suspect. Man in 1979 for questioning and confessed to other burglaries that he did not only on Teika and Purvciems, but in the other districts of Riga.

He stole four bikes, and autothermal. By the time of detention, all stolen good, he managed to implement. In RUP said that the detained had previously come to the attention of law enforcement for theft and drug use.