Concert of Garik Sukachev and periodically revived his creation - "Brigade" - will be held in Riga with participation of the legendary Sergei Galanin and Sergei Voronov.

The leader of a legendary group, officially ceased to exist in 1993, a group gathers periodically for live performances.

So, last year the group was re-established for two concerts dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Moscow rock-laboratory. In its composition, in addition to Garik Sukachev, became the bass-guitarist Sergey Galanin, guitarist Sergei Voronov, the brass players Maxim Likhachev and Evgeny Korotkov, and permanent member of the team "the untouchables" guitarist Dmitry Varshavchik.

In February 2016, "the Brigade With" the same structure acted as a headliner for the award "chart dozen" in Moscow.