Tour in support of their new album began on 17 February this year and has about 40 concerts.

"Chronicle of the mad days" is the eighth Studio album Lumen, two tracks from it are already familiar to the audience: anti-war song "voices of the world" and "Truth." The text was first written together with fans, in the recording took part vocalist of the participating teams of the competition Rock Smena, in the choruses you can hear the voices of the singers from 18 groups in the three countries. In April, the song topped the hit parade Nashe radio "chart dozen". The video for another song from the album called "the Truth" immediately after the release hit the Top 5 of the Russian segment of YouTube in the category "Music".

"Most suitable album word - powerful. It is inspired by rock-and-roll, says frontman Lumen TEM Bulatov. - The content of the red line continues the antiwar theme. The style of the addition of new texts was partly inspired by the works of Nirvana, a lot of repetition of one line or word, more of images than of linear stories and thought, although without it, of course, too, was not. "Chronicles the frantic days of" very riffany album, there are a lot of "heavy" songs. I hope that the result will appeal to our audience as much as ourselves".

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