May 5 in the conference hall of the hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia will be a press conference (beginning at 15.00), dedicated to the debut tournament "All For The Victory" in Riga.

The press conference will be attended by the President of the Latvian Federation of Boxing Neil Zhuravlev, President of the Latvian Federation of professional Boxing, the founder of the promotion company "Flash Promotion" Veli Mammadov, sports columnist, host of "Boxing" on TV channel "FIGHTER" Alexey Gusev and participant of the tournament, the champion of Russia on professional Boxing Petros Ananyan.

The main intrigue of the evening will be output to the ring of English Boxing star Danny Williams. In 2004, he knocked out Mike Tyson himself. This time Williams will fight in the heavyweight division with one of the best Latvian boxers Edgar Kalaram.

Rival experienced Labicana Zaur Sadykova (second place in the Latvian rankings, the winner of the tournament "Latvia Open in 2016) will be the representative team Flash Team, the champion of Russia among professionals Petros Ananyan.

Also "All For the Victory" will be the participant of the Olympic games from Azerbaijan — rosiyanin Soltan of Migitinov. He will fight with the world champion among juniors, the Russians Indrusem Hakobyan.

Vladislav Dovidaitis occupies first place in the Latvian rankings, will meet the winner of the championship of Russia, the participant of the semi-professional world series of Boxing WSB Andronikos Grigoryan. And the Latvian Andrey Loginov will fight against the winner of the championship of Russia Arsen Aziyev.

According to the promoter of the tournament Were Mamedov, "we decided to create a tournament of the European level for the young, award-winning but little-known boxers. Such a great deal. We strive to show the bright competitive fights in Russia and in Europe. Therefore released in Riga".

"I want to give a stable platform for athletes and ask your format of professional Boxing. So we combined the different countries. For example, we have Armenian soldiers serve with Azerbaijan. It is not necessary here to seek any political context, it is pure sport. If it is a provocation, then peace. Let all disputes be decided in the ring and ends up hitting a Gong," said Mammadov.

The first Riga tournament "All For the Victory" will be held at the Radisson Blu Latvia (beginning at 18.00). Entrance will be by invitation only, places are limited. Invitations can be purchased at the reception of the above mentioned hotel free of charge. More information on the phone 27180582.