The song Harry wrote back in 2012. Even without the clip it has become quite popular in the Network. For example, the whole 2016 year is among the TOP 100. and a long time sounded on the waves Russian radio station "Humor FM".

The other day Harry and his band Mad Show Boys visualized composition. "Female vocals in the track are words typed in Google translator, he says. - To us one of his songs is not used. In addition to the unusual admission that the song's satirical message: in a grotesque manner we touch upon actual problems of loneliness in the Network, and global computerization".

Harry informed the Polish fans of his work another video clip for the song about Riga "Warm breeze of memories". This is probably the most "enthusiastic" clip: the same location was filmed in the summer and then in winter. In this work, starred popular fashion blogger Alina Keller.