Myself Udo, which will perform in Riga with a group Dirkschneider says that after this tour he will never, under any circumstances, will not sing any of the songs period, Accept: "of Course I know that people love to listen to these songs with my voice, but I want something close. Close like a book, and say, "Fine, but that's all. I read it". In life there comes a time when you need something to complete. I want to finish everything to do with the Accept".

In the late '70s and early' 80s, the world knew him as the co-founder and singer of Accept. Some of the most striking hits Accept been created with Dirkschneider, but in the second half of the 80s they parted ways, after which Parole has formed the band U. D. O., with whom he recorded a total of 15 albums.

Back To The Roots Part II - the result of tremendous responsiveness of the fans. When in the fall of 2016 ended the previous tour Back To The Roots, Udo and his team have received numerous letters with appeals to continue. Inspired by the success and responsiveness of passionate musicians Dirkschneider has decided that fans deserve another chance to hear the most popular songs.

Tickets for the concert are available from April 20 online Biļešu serviss, the starting price is € 25.