In the "sucker punch", aired on LTV in February 2016, was told that the relatives Dimens and his brother Caspar Aleksandrova owns several properties and luxury cars.

The origin of the money, which it purchased this property, was vague, so I suspect that the money obtained through the schemes of "laundering" funds. Dimens with my brother got almost 500,000 dollars and some real estate inherited from the mother, Lily Dirani, who worked as a teacher.

Initially, the financial police conducted the investigation in two directions — tax evasion and possible malfeasance. However, in late February, was started another trial for tax evasion, for the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means, as well as for fraud with VAT.

As noted by the head of Finance police Kaspars Podins, according to the investigation, the documents about non-existent transactions, and illegally obtained funds were legalized. All this activity was connected with VAT fraud and tax evasion.

The group he created and controlled chain enterprises in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In this chain were present and fictitious companies, and so-called "buffer" companies, which are usually used for covering up traces. The company worked in the field of woodworking and also provided equipment and services in the woodworking industry.

However, in the interests of the investigation Podins was not able to say whether a former employee of the financial police directly Dimens the case. It is known that in the framework of criminal proceedings conducted 40 searches under suspicions were four persons, some of whom are Estonian citizens. None of the suspects are not remanded in custody.

It is also known that for the completion of the investigation the Latvian specialists will need the help of foreign investigators. The amount of damage inflicted by a criminal group to the state budget, may reach 3 million euros.