As reported by with reference to the festival will feature 130 Beers made in the Czech - brewed at large Breweries to craft. In addition to beer, visitors are offered many types of spirits, non-alcoholic beverages to children, traditional sausages, cheeses and other snacks. In the menu of the festival - American, Asian, French, Slovak cuisine and Czech specialties. Waiting for guests and a selection of coffee, cocktails and even cakes with the "taste of beer".

For the first time in many years the festival of Smoking will taking a special venue, all other areas will be smoke-free. In order to fight for the environment, all the drinks are bottled in glass and not plastic cups.

The festival will be musicians and live on giant screens to broadcast the matches of the world hockey Championship. For the youngest guests, can be arranged many playgrounds. The festival of beer on 27 may. The entrance ticket to the festival costs 99 kronor (3.7 euros), it is valid for 17 days.