The incident occurred in the area of the forest, which is South of Brussels. According to local media reports, police were looking for two suspects. After shooting began, the area was cordoned off.

According to local media, the suspects has not been apprehended. "The operation continues," — said the official representative of the mayor's office to the Agency France Presse.

The Belgian police, like their colleagues in other European countries, continue to search for people connected with the attacks by Islamists in Paris on 13 November, which killed 130 people.

As stated in an interview with Reuters the representative of the Prosecutor's office, the current operation associated with the investigation of this case. Also the RAID was attended by the French police.

In February, the Algerian authorities have detained a man suspected of having links with the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in Paris by Abdelhamid Abouda. It is reported that the detainee was accused of participating in the activities of foreign terrorist community.