Liepins decided to use the building more efficient and to move the files from the second floor to the basement. To his surprise, he found on the lower floor, relaxation area with sauna and Jacuzzi. According to liepiņš, this bath was known only to a narrow circle of employees of the Council, mainly those who worked there for a long time.

"I don't know what to do, how to use? It is clear that neither I nor other members of the Duma such a room is not necessary, but to dismantle all that would be silly," admitted the mayor.

Liepins admits that to find a in the accounting documents recording the equipment of this recreation area will be difficult. "Some employees on leave, the part is already in the Duma are not working," he said.

Predecessor liepiņš on this post, Peteris Veleckis (LKS) said that when he started to work in the Duma, a room with a bath in there already, but it's not really used — they kept the gifts to the Duma and, as there was and office furniture, sometimes out of session of the Commission on civil defense.

With the former head of government of Maris. (LKS/Civil Union), during which, according to liepiņš, and was equipped with this area, LETA contact is not possible.