As reported the representative of GCOS Maruta Bulevich, the inspector examined are located in this port area businesses and stated that the odor source is "BLB terminals Baltija", where the tanker loaded with heavy oil. At the same time, the inspector noted that the loading operations are conducted in accordance with the technological requirements.

Regional office gas was charged to the enterprise during the handling of petroleum products regularly to control the intensity of the smell and prevent it from spreading outside the territory of the terminal.

Residents of vecmīlgrāvis to the port area for many years, occasionally complain of the unpleasant smell. For example, on the evening of 12 September this year in 2 hours received more than 400 calls on a single number of emergency services 112. The territory examined gas and the port police, but the specific source of the smell was found.

In the GSO suggested that the cause of the smell can be mercaptans. In small concentrations to health they are not dangerous.

A similar situation was and 20 September. GSO reported that the smell was associated with the loading of the ship in the territory of "PARS terminаls" on Kundzinsala. Samples were taken of oil, initiated an administrative case.