According to the Forostyak, Astakhov could be exchanged for Ukrainian servicemen who were captured by the militia of Donbass. Their consent to this exchange who died in prison, the activist reported to the security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

As reports the edition Корресподент.net, 48-year-old Astakhov was arrested in 2014 on the case about events in the House of trade unions on 2 may of the same year. He was threatened with a life imprisonment.

10 April in Odessa on the Day of the liberation of the city there was a fight between Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian activists. The occasion was the St. George ribbon worn by one of the representatives of the so-called Antimaidan. The participants of the fight were separated by the soldiers of the national guard who were on duty on the walk of Fame, they used tear gas, detained one participant of fights on each side.

20 February in Odessa scuffle occurred during the laying of the monument to Heavenly one hundred (dead participants of the events on the Maidan in winter 2014). The reason for the fight was that the head of the Odessa regional Council Anatoly Urban addressed the gathering in Russian.

The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch published in January 27 report on the observance of human rights in Ukraine highlighted the lack of progress in investigating the events on Maidan and in Odessa House of trade unions.

In November 2015, the experts of the Council of Europe criticized the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities for the investigation of events in Odessa. In addition, in September the UN special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions Christof Hynes found that most of the evidence relating to those events, destroyed.

The largest clashes between supporters of federalization of Ukraine (participants of anti-Maidan) and activists of Euromaidan took place in Odessa on may 2, 2014. During the riots on the part of Pro-Russian activists took refuge in the House of trade unions, which was set on fire.

According to official data, then 48 people died, over 200 were injured. The authorities acknowledged the instigators of the clashes and riots more than 20 people. Half of them arrested, all of whom were exclusively supporters of anti-Maidan.