The incident occurred right outside the office of the TV channel, which are located at Staroportofrankovskaya street. The attackers were armed with pump action gun and traumatic pistols. Gunshot injuries to the reporter: he was shot with buckshot, but thanks to leather jacket's vital organs were not affected. Two cameramen were beaten. All the victims were hospitalized.

Police have detained the attackers. The reason for the attack was filmed by the employees of the TV channel, the accident that occurred earlier in the same area.

Day 2 may near the Kulikovo Field there was a memorial meeting, dedicated to the second anniversary of the tragedy in the House of trade unions. The protesters tried to approach the members of the organization "Right sector", which led to verbal sparring, however, the escalation of the conflict was avoided. Nevertheless, physicians recorded one fatality: 79-year-old man died of a heart attack.

On Monday morning, law enforcement authorities have blocked access to the Kulikovo Field for incoming night call about the bomb.

2 may 2014 as a result of clashes between Euromaidan activists and supporters of federalization of Ukraine (participants of the "Antimaydana") was set on fire the House of trade unions. As a result of fire, 48 people were killed and over 200 injured.