The administration of the Norwegian zoo admitted to killing a healthy animal because of the abundance of zebras in Durapart. According to the staff, they wanted to feed predators is more natural food. While the bloody carcass of a Zebra was placed in the cage for the tigers in the eyes of the visitors.

The veterinarian of the zoo in Kristiansand Rolf-Arne Olberg admitted that the show may be too graphic for sensitive people, however, called "normal" for tigers or lions tear their prey with their claws and teeth, and then eat it.

"We showed the visitors how it happens in nature," said the vet in the comments of the Norwegian edition NRK.

The scandal emerged after one of the parents of children who witnessed the shocking spectacle, posted a photo to Facebook, writing that the happening was pretty spooky. Parents of young children felt that "performance" was quite a traumatic experience for zoo visitors.

Previously, wide publicity was the case in the Copenhagen zoo, where he was killed young healthy giraffe, which is then in the presence of the audience dismembered and fed to lions.

In addition, over the past year in the Danish zoos in the presence of visitors slew two old lions and two cubs, as well as dismembered carcass of the antelope. And on April 25, the zoo went public dissection of a fish-hammer. Invitations to the event were sent to Facebook, reports