Base jumping (parachute jump wing-shaped) is considered one of the most dangerous disciplines of parachuting.

52-summer pink was is a two-time world champion in parachute jumping, the winner of the European championship and world Cup, the champion of Russia on mountaineering, the world record holder in parachuting. In 2016, the Russian set a world record in base jumping, by making a jump from a height of 7700 m above sea level in the Himalayas. He jumped from the mountains in Peru, Antarctica, and other peaks.

As a mountaineer he has conquered several world summits. The last 10 years, Rozov had focused on jumping and climbing, he became interested in extreme projects jumping from the mountains.

In 2009, the athlete made the first ever parachute jump into the funnel of an active volcano Mutnovsky on Kamchatka Peninsula. Also in 2009, Rozov made the jump from Elbrus (4650 m), 2010 — from the top of the mountain they are in Antarctica (2650), in 2015 — Kilimanjaro (5460). In 2015, he set a world record for altitude base-jump, having made an attempt with a mark of 7700 meters with the highest peak Asia — Cho-Oyu in the Himalayas. In 2017 he is the first ever made base jumping from mount Huascaran in Peru.