Just put "Superputin" — about 30 works. In the exhibition, created by contemporary Russian artists presented 23 paintings, a few mosaics and sculptures, reports RIA "Novosti".

The concept of the exhibition is Putin in the images of the superhero and the common man. The creators of the exhibition and celebrate the spiritual connection of the leader with national spirit.

In a series of works, the President is depicted with animals in the Christmas postcard the Russian head of state appears in the form of Santa Claus, and in one of the comics neutralize terrorists in the subway in between the important talks.

"The idea was to create a biographical exhibition, but then we thought that much more interesting and would be useful if we gather young people-artists and make an exhibition devoted to the President. Custom work is not here, here there is a rush. We worked on paintings together, you guys from the heart took the initiative," — said ideologue exhibition Julia Dyuzheva. According to her, wishing to present their work was much more, but not all plans were able to implement.

The exhibition "Superputin" will last till 15 Jan 2018.