According to him, the motorcyclists 1971 and 1979 could not specify the purpose of the trip to Lithuania, also on one of the motorcycles was the Soviet symbols.

"At half-past three on Medininkai checkpoint, the guards missed two Russian motorcyclists. One was riding a Suzuki motorcycle with the Russian numbers, the second for Honda with Russian numbers, both not admitted because they did not have documents confirming the purpose of travel, they could not specify the purpose of the trip," — said Michalis.

"The first motorcycle was the Soviet symbols, this was one of the reasons why it was not let, were various inscriptions, five-pointed star", — he added. According to Misutis, according to preliminary data, these motorcyclists are not allowed to enter Lithuania and last year at the same time — and this decision was made by Lithuanian and Polish border guards. At the end of April last year, more than 10 Russian motorcyclists, perhaps associated with a trip of Russian bikers from Moscow to Berlin on the occasion of victory Day, not admitted to the territory of Lithuania. Then they are not missed, and Poland.

At the end of March this year, members of the Russian biker club "Night wolves", despite the protest against similar trips in the past year, again announced the relocation from Moscow to Berlin.

German service in 2015 has revoked the visas of some members of the club "Night wolves", not allowing them to come to Germany, according to services, bellicose trip is not conducive to the strengthening of relations between Germany and Russia. Then in early may, the bikers laid a wreath at the monument to the heroes of the red Army in Vienna. "Night wolves" your trip is considered "reverence the memory of the fighters against fascism".