The LGBT event will provide an opportunity to remind myself and the community of gays and politicians preparing for elections.

The representative of the League of gays of Lithuania Thomas-Vytautas Raskevics told DELFI that "through the festival and other events we will try to articulate the requirements of human rights against the community of gays, lesbians and transvestites".

"This year there will be two requirements. The first is to challenge the discriminatory application of the law on the protection of minors through dissemination of positive information about the LGBT community. Another aspect is to encourage debate about the recognition of the right to same-sex marriage in Lithuania", — said Raskevics.

The procession of sexual minorities to be held in Vilnius on June 18. The participants will be held from Lukiškių square before the Cathedral, and down the street Sventaragio and Barbaros Radvilaites — in Bernardine garden. In addition to the procession there will also be a four-hour meeting in Bernardine garden, but to hold a concert the authorities in Vilnius are not allowed.

"We can be in the garden, but nothing to do there — they don't want to set a dangerous precedent of holding in the Park for large events. I realize that, true to this, at night the garden will host a Cultural night. But we don't want conflict, don't consider this issue", — said the representative of the LGBT Raskevics.

In Bernardine garden March participants (up to 1,000) will speak, and then the buses will go to a concert at the art factory Loftas. The concert will feature the winner of "Eurovision-1998" Dannа International. Procession participants will be able to go to the concert for free, others have to buy tickets. The procession will end with a party in night gay club Soho. During the Baltic Pride festival of LGBT films Kreivės.

In addition to the processions will be held and other activities under the slogan: "We are people, not propaganda". June 16 in the Russian drama theatre of Lithuania will host the event Pride Voices, which will perform famous people from the LGBT community. Among the guests are a bisexual former Prime Minister of Iceland, Johanna Sigurdardottir, Vice-President of the European Parliament Ulrike of Lunacek, a homosexual priest from the Vatican Krzysztof Haremza. From USA will arrive parents of the murdered in 1998 for homosexual 16-year-old Matthew Shepard. And on June 17, at the tolerance Centre of the Vilnius State Gaon Museum will host the conference.

The first LGBT March took place in Vilnius in 2010, when its not though, still allowed the former mayor a conservative Navickas Vilius. According to the Advisor of the current measure of Vilnius Alexander Sebryakov, this year in the procession of sexual minorities, the mayor of the capital of Lithuania Remigijus Šimašius will not participate. It is also noted that Chimacum — the first mayor of Vilnius, who does not interfere with the March.