Director, joint legal Directorate of the Agency, Korolyov and lawyer Elena Timoshenkova arrived in Riga on Monday, about 10 o'clock in the morning. "Were going to participate in the hearing to appeal the denial of registration of a representative office of our Agency in Latvia. But on the border we took our passports, about an hour and a half wait, and then said send and indefinitely banned from entering Latvia on the basis of what we supposedly represent a threat to national security", — stated Korolev. According to him, the officer of the border guard service said that the decision was taken by the security police of Latvia.

Korolev believes that the Latvian authorities deliberately weaken a company's position in court. As a result, he said, at the meeting of the Administrative court of Riga will be performing only local lawyers.

To register the representative office of "Russia today" in Latvia was denied on August 28, 2015. On 12 February, the Agency launched the site Latvian and Russian languages. State media group "International news Agency "Russia today" (MIA "Russia today") was established in 2013 after the elimination of one of the largest infoagent of the country, RIA "Novosti". General Director MIA "Russia today" has become a TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev, chief editor, Margarita Simonyan, who combines this post with the leadership of the Russia Today TV channel. The international news Agency Sputnik, which replaced RIA "news" in the sphere of foreign broadcasting, started its operation in 2014. Dmitry Kiselev said that Sputnik should "resist the aggressive propaganda, which today feed the world." The sites are working Sputnik in dozens of languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish etc