In connection with a new outbreak of legionellosis, the Ministry of economy plans to introduce in Latvia the requirement for mandatory compliance with the requirement of the minimum temperature of hot water supplied to homes.

The bacteria that cause the so-called Legionnaires ' disease, actively multiply in water temperature from 25 to 45 degrees, so overheating is one of the most effective ways of dealing with legionellosis. According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the hot water in residential buildings shall have a temperature not less than 55 degrees Celsius. However, there is a tendency to slightly reduce the allowed threshold to save on bills for hot water. The Ministry proposes to prohibit this dangerous practice.

Legionellosis is a disease, also known as "Legionnaires ' disease" Pittsburgh pneumonia form, Pontiac fever, Legionella infection, fever Fort Bragg. An acute infectious disease that causes microorganisms of the genus Legionella, living on inanimate environmental objects. The main source of destruction Legionella is unboiled stagnant water in natural reservoirs and manmade structures — tanks, water systems, water heaters, heating and air-conditioning.

The name "Legionnaires ' disease" was named for the very first noticeable outbreak — in 1976, during a Convention of the American Legion in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). Then out of the 4000 members of Congress 221 ill persons, 34 of them died. Later the doctors "remembered" and other, earlier and even more large-scale epidemics "strange pneumonia", but the disease has a name.

There is more than one kind of legionellosis, however, because of the comparative novelty of the disease classification is not well established. In short, "the disease of legionerov", is a very severe and dangerous form of pneumonia. Different types of diseases cause different symptoms for pneumonia: General fatigue, high (to 40 degrees) temperature for several days, chills, headache, dizziness, confusion. Given that now in Latvia is covered by the flu, when you see these symptoms in any case, you should consult a doctor. Recall that the pneumonia combined with the flu is a deadly disease, especially for older people.

Get legionellosis is possible only through the airway — breathing or water vapor (e.g., in the shower, Jacuzzi, etc.), or dust. At the Convention of the American Legion sick, getting bacteria from the air conditioning system. Cases of the disease during excavation works. However, most often people get sick, "putting" a sickness in the soul or various water attractions in hotels or resorts. The most affected disease Smoking male travellers after the age of 40 years, suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or diseases in which the treatment consists of drugs that suppress the immune system.