In Latvia the establishment of a Cryobank for ovarian tissue in the clinic Mama Rīga takes place under the supervision of Professor Vladimir Isachenko, who is Director of the laboratory for reproductive medicine at the University of Cologne (Germany). At the University of Cologne, he leads a team of researchers that includes doctors, oncologists, reproduction, biologists and technicians. The group's goal to develop new technologies for reproductive medicine and to ensure the implementation of these technologies in practice. Professor Isachenko has developed a unique method for freezing ovarian tissue.

In 2005, he developed the method and with the direct participation of the woman before the beginning of chemotherapy (for cancer treatment) was removed, frozen and preserved ovarian tissue. After recovering from her lung cancer, her own previously frozen ovarian tissue was transplanted back, causing the woman fully and naturally restored hormonal system and reproductive function. In 2010, the baby was born the first child in Germany by the method of Isachenko.

In the process of developing the method involved three medical institution — clinic of Dresden, which was withdrawn on the preservation of ovarian tissue for women, University of Bonn, where at that time worked as a doctor Isachenko and where processed and frozen tissue, and clinic of Erlangen in Bavaria, which was the transplantation of the tissue.

"In Germany the recovery operation and cryopreservation (storage of tissue in liquid nitrogen under certain conditions) ovarian tissue before therapy for the treatment of cancer wish to many patients, as well as those women who need to make alkaloids for the treatment of other diseases, such as autoimmune, due to the fact that a certain dose of the alkaloids is not compatible with preservation of reproductive function.
Transplantation of ovarian tissue after completion of treatment means the restoration of the hormonal system, resulting in in patients recovering menstrual cycle, as international practice indicates the possibility of pregnancy, said Professor Isachenko, — This method is used not only in Germany but also in many other countries. In some laboratories this technology is used fully and some partially. The clinic Mama Rīga technology plan to fully use. I would also like to stress that it is very important not only for the seizure and freezing of tissue, but the process of thawing the frozen tissue".

"At the opening of the clinic Mama Riga we focused on the full cycle of infertility treatment. Therefore, to ensure customers use the most new and effective medical technology and treatment methods that comply with all the rules of the world health organization (World Health Organization) and the European Union. To improve efficiency and provide even better services to customers, we develop our own, adopt and implement in Latvia the world and European medical methods and technologies that allow rapid, efficient and successful treatment," said Victoria Zaletova, a senior reproductive health specialist in the clinic, "Mama Rīga".

At the end of 2015 the clinic of reproductive health Mama Riga received permission from the State Agency of medicines (Zāļu valsts aģentūra) to conduct this is still unregistered manipulation of ovarian tissue in Latvia in order to help women to preserve and to restore reproductive function after cancer treatment. Since receiving permission in the clinic we are working on the implementation of the method, including the improvement of the Cryobank to work with fabric and use the refrigeration method.