The Ministry in collaboration with the government office will prepare an estimate of the reduction in the number of employees in their departments until 1 March 2018 will represent her state Chancellery, who will summarize the information and to June 2018, will present the results to the Cabinet of Ministers.

In statistics reduce job places will include those sites that were eliminated during the previous two years.

As noted in the state Chancellery, the purpose of reform is to reduce the number employed in institutions of direct public administration by approximately 6% or 3000 of official rates over the three years.

"This is necessary to reach the average in the EU and will not exceed it. You want to centrally set the number of reduce job places in every Department, given as the proportion of current vacancies and the total value of the Ministry", — said at the state Chancellery.

It is planned that the state Chancellery in cooperation with line ministries will develop the principles of reducing the number of employees in each Department. They would not touch the National armed forces and military personnel, employees of state security agencies and the Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption, positions in the diplomatic and consular services in foreign subdivisions.

Thus, the total number of employees affected in a reduction of approximately 50 thousand people.

Saved by reducing workers ' money will remain at the disposal of agencies will be a prerequisite for increasing salaries, allowing managers to put together a team of high level experts.

Until July 2018 to reduce the number of lengthy vacancies in the offices that it did not exceed 5% of the number of job places.
In March 2019 and 2020, the government office will provide information about reducing the number of employees of direct public administration. Until December 2020 will have to supervise the "freezing" of new job places.