One of the physicists reprimanded: the video camera is recorded, as it spoils the announcement of the "Club of the LGBT community at CERN". Community members also stated that for many years on their advertisements unknown write Schwein ("pig" in German) and quotes from the old Testament, incriminating sexual relations between men. Sometimes ads simply a rip off.

"The constant deterioration of our posters is unacceptable campaign of hatred and intolerance. We don't keep very good records, but approximately one-third ad break or spoil," said British physicist, the founder of the group "LGBT CERN" Aidan Randle-Cond. He noted that this is probably done by several people.

In 2015, the Director of CERN Rolf-Dieter Hoyer made all of the personnel of the laboratory official warning about strict measures in case of repeated damage to the posters. In February of 2016 was made by the second referee.

At CERN, located near Geneva, has multiple accelerators, the most famous of which is the Large hadron Collider (LHC).

As a result of observations in the Tank in July 2012 opened a new elementary particle, with properties similar to the Higgs boson. In the summer of 2013 the TANK was stopped for scheduled maintenance. Experiments resumed in 2015.