According to news Agency Xinhua, convict's name is Kim Dong-Chul, he's 62 years old, he was arrested in October last year.

The American was detained on the territory of the special economic zone Nason, when arrested, he found a flash drive with secret information on military and nuclear facilities of the DPRK.

In March the North Korean authorities held a press-conference at which the arrested told reporters that allegedly received money from the authorities of South Korea for espionage activities.

This is the second U.S. citizen, was convicted in the DPRK this year, says Time. In March the court of the DPRK sentenced a student from Ohio Otto Frederick Warmbier to 15 years of hard labor, who confessed to the theft of the banner. 21-year-old Warmbier was accused of a crime against the state, and in collaboration with a secret student organization and the CIA. Later Pyongyang said that the US is trying to make life difficult for the DPRK because of a convicted American.

International human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, believe that the North Korean authorities, as in many other cases, applied to Bombieri torture or threats, reports Russian service Bi-Bi-si.