21-year old American student from Ohio visited the DPRK as part of a tour group, which arrived in North Korea on new year's holidays. He was arrested on 2 January: it was removed from the aircraft before departure in Beijing, reports the Chinese Agency "Xinhua".

At the end of February Otto Warmbier addressed the North Korean and foreign reporters in Pyongyang. At a specially convened press conference, the American confessed to the crime and in the severity and premeditated nature of his action. Burst into tears, he's on the air apologized to the government and people of the DPRK.

Warmbir said that he had carried a poster with the political slogan from the wall at the hotel in Pyongyang at the request of a parishioner of his Church. According to the student, in exchange he was offered a used car worth $ 10,000, reports Russian service Bi-Bi-si.

As noted Reuters, North Korea often resorts to arrests of foreigners, particularly US citizens, so as to force the Americans to send on negotiations of high-ranking officials — formally the diplomatic relations between the countries are not available.

Currently North Korea also holds a canadian pastor, sentenced to prison for attempting to undermine state authority.

Previously, North Korean courts have repeatedly prescribed severe punishment to the foreigners before their release. In 2014 North Korea has released three Americans, said Newsru.com.