In addition Pokdemon, the Declaration was signed by his Deputy, Mr. Oriol Junqueras, Parliament speaker Karma Forcadell and deputies from parties that supported independence, "Together Yes," and "the Candidacy of national unity". Together, these forces have in Parliament an absolute majority — 72 of the mandate. The live broadcast the event led channel 24 Horas. After the signing of the members of Parliament sang the national anthem of Catalonia.

Reuters notes that it is unclear whether the document to have legal force. El Mundo indicates that signed by the President of Catalonia document is not official.

The Declaration briefly describes the history of Catalonia, its attempts to seek a compromise with Madrid and the unwillingness of the Spanish authorities to go for it.

"We reaffirm a willingness to negotiate with Spain without taking into account the terms of past agreements for the benefit of both parties. Negotiations should be on equal terms... We call upon all States and international organizations to recognize the Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign state", - the document cites RBC.

El Pais indicates that the document does not mention the call Pokdemon to postpone the entry into force of the decision on independence. Apparently, the Declaration was prepared prior to his speech. The head of Catalonia tried to convince the Parliament and the citizens that a few weeks delay will enable us to start a dialogue with Madrid. In almost every speech he encourages to follow the law indicates that it can not be called Catalan rebels and stressed the readiness for dialogue. The Declaration is also reflected.

Madrid from all the negotiating, indicating that the position of Catalonia resembles blackmail.

In Catalonia on 1 October passed a vote on the question of secession from Spain. The participants were of 2.26 out of 5.31 million eligible voters went to the Catalans. If 90% of the participants voted for independence. In Madrid consider the referendum illegitimate and refusing to recognize its results.