Viewers expect the unexpected parody of the rooms from the television project of the First channel "Exactly", humorous stories and musical numbers. Maxim Galkin is one of the few artists and presenting concerts of the updated program.

Maxim Galkin concerts cannot be attributed to any one genre. They combine skits and songs, sparkling humor and good conversation. When the artist appears on stage, in the hall there is instant atmosphere of joy, good cheer and celebration.

Maxim Galkin elegantly and masterfully controls the mood of the audience, holding their attention for a minute. The audience knows many of his monologues by heart, but still willing to listen to them again.

Maxim Galkin claims that allowed him to parody any of the characters from the world of culture, politics and other spheres. Artist sparkling and harmless, is the scene of new images, in their parodies he "gets to the point", identifying the most characteristic features of the behavior, tone of voice, the facial expressions of his characters.