Two more Moroccan and Italian genea, according to intelligence agencies, left the country last year and went to Iraq and Syria, reports Reuters with reference to the Milan Prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli.

According to prosecutors, one of the four detainees has received an order from the "Islamic state" to carry out attacks in Rome. According to the investigation, the order was transmitted via the WhatsApp application to the kick, bent Abderahim Matahariku, ex-kickboxing champion. The athlete was arrested along with his wife Salma during a holiday on lake Como.

As Romanelli explained, the couple planned to soon go to fight in Syria on the side of ISIS, taking with them two children two and four years. Also during the operation, was detained 23-the summer inhabitant of Varese Moroccan origin and his wife.

In conversation with journalists, the Prosecutor explained that terrorists were not close to realization of its purpose. However, according to him, the main thing in this story is the fact that in Italy were sent to specially trained people, intending to commit acts of terrorism. "Rome attracts a great attention, being the center of pilgrimage for Christians," added Romanelli.

Last week in the European countries once again started talking about the danger of new terrorist attacks in Europe by militants of the "Islamic state". The Belgian authorities have stated about the possibility of sending to Belgium and other countries the supporters of ISIS are ready to organize terrorist attacks.

In turn, Director of the police service of the EU (Europol) Rob Wainwright then warned about the possibility of new terrorist attacks in Europe. That ISIS is planning to carry out attacks on the beaches of Europe, told the German tabloid Bild

The Belgian police after the terrorist attacks on 22 March in Brussels airport and at the metro station "Malbec", which claimed the lives of 32 people, regularly carries out raids against terror suspects. So, April 12, two suspects were detained in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The Belgian Prosecutor's office said the evening of 9 April on the arrest of six other suspects on charges of terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Recall that the "Islamic state" has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 and for the bombings in Brussels. Immediately after the attacks in Belgium, the U.S. state Department said terrorist groups continue to plan the Commission of future attacks in Europe, using as targets sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and public transport.

A few days after the attack in the Belgian capital, CNN reported, citing sources involved in the fight against terrorism, that is fighters are preparing new attacks in Europe.

In early April, the IG released a video in which he threatened new attacks in Europe. Terrorists promised to organize terrorist attacks in Berlin, Rome or London.

In late March, Sky News, citing intelligence sources reported that the militants plan to commit terrorist acts to murder Jewish children in schools, kindergartens and youth centers in Turkey.